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Tutorial to change MLCad's language interface using a language file

  In order to run the program in a language different from its native english you need a .dll file (dynamic link library) where all the information has been coded. Those localized versions are put together and supported by volunteers: at the time MLCad "speaks" French, Czech , Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian. Some of these add-ons can be found at MLCad's homepage, some are hosted by the person who translated the program into his/her mother tongue. I translated the interface into Italian and also support the German and English version. The procedure to change the interface in one of the supported languages is the same:
  • Download the desired language dll compatible with version 3.40:
    (The tutorial presums that you have downloaded both).

    German: Download icon    MLCadLangGerman_dll_3-40.zip   (124 KB)
    Italian: Download icon    MLCadLangItalian_dll_3-40.zip   (124 KB)

  • Unzip the content by placing it in MLCad's root directory. At this point your folder should contain the following files:


    NOTE! There will be much more files like MLCad.log, MLCad.grp, MLCad.cfg, ReadMe.txt, ReleaseNotes.txt, .dll files created by other interpreters or subfolders, but those listed above are absolutely necessary to get MLCad work properly.

  • Start the program
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(The following screenshot shows all menus and dialogs in one edited image).
Screenshot 1
  1. Select the Settings menu, the General tab, then Change... (Settings > General > Change...).  
  2. This will pop up the MLCad Settings dialog. You should already see the General tab. If not please click on it.  
  3. Choose the desired language in the Language: drop down box.  
  4. Confirm your choice and exit the Settings dialog by clicking the OK button.  
  (The following screenshot shows all menus and dialogs in one edited image).
Screenshot 2
  5. The dialog window will be replaced by a new dialog telling that you have to close the program and restart it to make the change effective. Click OK to return to MLCads main window.

NOTE! You might continue with your work. The changing will only apply next time you start the application. To restore the default english language or switch to another language you have to repeat the whole procedure. (It is also possible to run several programs at the same time, each in a different language! Just launch a new version without previously shut down the main window).
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  6. Close MLCad via File > Exit or click the x button in the top right-hand corner of the window and re-launch the program.
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