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cast & crew


Director - Sergio Le(g)one

...at his first big budget film, after shooting exclusivelySergio Le(g)one trashy, gory, low- or no-budget movies for an entire life. He already plans to quit half way down, snatch the production money and cross the Mexican border next to the gold mine set with his script girl, he has desperately fallen in love with.
  Amy Primadonna

Moody diva - Amy Primadonna

... known for always pretending the largest trailer, a stretchlimo with bodyguard, a personal trainer, a pair of pink towels next to her chair ... Her biggest success was back in 1979, where she performed as one of the extras in an "Alien" rip-off (looking closely at the bottom right-hand corner when the Galaxy Explorer hits the landing pad you can spot her for a split second).
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  John Connery

Cameo role - Sir John Connery

Connery in a C-Movie? Yes, sir! - Pssst! Don't shout it too laud. He has no clue of this cameo. The production invited him to visit his old friend Sergio Le(g)one. They will shoot the sequence with a candid camera an polish the footage digitally in post-production.
  Dolly Crew

The dolly crew

First of all: The entire film will be shot with a Steadicam but to get permission to shoot in the national park they had to hire a local camera crew (the focus puller's father is a cousin of the major, while the dolly grip has a relationship with the sheriff's daughter).
  Blood and glory
The ultimate spaghetti western from the director of "Hang the brick!".
  Luke Obsolete

Supporting role - Luke Obsolete

To be honest there are no Indians mentioned in the script but director Sergio
Le(g)one thought some Native Americans would add a special spirit to the atmosphere at the set. Up to now nobody has told Mr. Obsolete that he will not be present in the final cut.

Leading role - ???

Oscar Winner, academy-awarded actor, cast for the leading role got the sack Oscar Winner after the rehearsals. Devoted to the method acting he took his character of a Whisky-depending pistolero too seriously. Winner is currently recovering at the Betty-Ford-Clinic.
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Rocky Shake

Steadicam operator - Rocky Shake

... nicknamed "Heavygear", loves Gin Lemon, Caipiroska, Tequila, Vodka-Martini (stirred, not shook), Bloody-Mary and hates hand-held cameras. By the way, he is the only steadicam operator in Hollywood who pretends to do the Martini-shot in the early morning.
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First day shooting

After doing that silly chu-wa-wa-thing Le(g)one once has seen in a
Francis-Ford-Coppola-docu, cameras started rolling at 08:30 - unfortunatly
the production ran out of money for the first time at 08:47.
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City Hall
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Second day

While the production is desperately looking for a fool who is will to
waste money in a C-movie, Rocky Shake picked a camera and moved to
the saloon stage to shoot pick-ups, inserts and backgrounds for a larger
action sequence.
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