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Hollywood versus Holly Wood

Do you wonder where this site got its name from? The image below should give you a hint, but let me introduce myself.

Name: Holly
Surname: Wood
Age: I remember playing with a 358 (pop-up)

Men at work

"Man I tell ya, flyin' a rig's like dancin' tango with tha hottest chick on earth" - at the time I attended my first Steadicam® class I had no clue what my teacher was talking about, beside not feeling comfortable with his strong american accent. Two days later I got in tune with the machinery and the accent: I tell ya, he was right!
Now, working for the news gathering, the occasions to "dance" have become nothing more than a pleasant break from the daily routine. But when I get the opportunity it is again like dancing tango ...

No sports!

I do not share Winston Churchill's credo. Actually I'm practicing the total opposite: skiing and ice-skating in winter and trekking in summer. But all those activities are nothing more than relax. What really challenges me is - free climbing. Watch out and you'll see my "hangin' around" in the Dolomites - for sure, the most stunning mountain scenery in the alps.

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