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MLCad.ini file for the minifig generator

  The MLCad.ini file tells the program - among other things - which parts are available in MLCad's and LeoCAD's minifigure generator. Also the generator in Bricksmith - the counterpart LDraw editor in the MAC world - refers to this file. This means that the chart has to be updated every time LDraw.org releases a new parts update containing minifig parts. You can add the new code by yourself, following the instruction on this page or just download the file below since Holly-Wood.it is the official maintainer of the .ini file.

Within a few days a LDraw Parts Library update has been released the file will be up to date. The numbers in the filename refer to the update, the file sticks to. Just unzip the content and replace the outdated file in the MLCad's root directory (the folder containing the MLCad.exe file) - obviously after you have made a backup of the old version and copied customizations you might already have made. If your installation doesn't come with a MLCad.ini file just add it to the other files in the root.
Download icon MLCad_ini_2014-01.zip   (21 KB)
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  New Parts
  95343c01.dat - Bucket 1 x 1 x 1 Conical with Raised Handle
  12884c01.dat - Bucket 1 x 1 x 1 Cylindrical with Raised Handle
  11097.dat - Minifig Armor Shoulder Pads with 1 Stud on Front, 2 Studs on Back
  95052.dat - Minifig Axe with Twin-Blade
  10052.dat - Minifig Beard with Rounded End
  86035.dat - Minifig Cap with Short Arched Peak
  87997.dat - Minifig Cheerleader Pom Pom
  87997p01.dat - Minifig Cheerleader Pom Pom with Blue Pattern
  87997p02.dat - Minifig Cheerleader Pom Pom with Red Pattern
  87995.dat - Minifig Hair Bubble Style (Afro)
  85974.dat - Minifig Hair Long with One Front Lock
  13788.dat - Minifig Hat with Wide Brim Down
  3626bp87.dat - Minifig Head Glasses, Thin Brown Eyebrows, Smile Pattern (Hollow Stud with Pierced Base)
  3626cpn2.dat - Minifig Head Skull Cracked with Metal Plates Pattern
  3626bp44.dat - Minifig Head with Black Moustache, Beard and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bp3r.dat - Minifig Head with Brown Moustache, Stubble, Eyebrows, Frowning Pattern
  3626bp42.dat - Minifig Head with Dark Orange Moustache, Beard and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bp49.dat - Minifig Head with Eye Patch, Black Stubble and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bp46.dat - Minifig Head with Eye Patch, Dark Orange Moustache, Beard and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bp48.dat - Minifig Head with Eye Patch, Dark Orange Stubble and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bp47.dat - Minifig Head with Eye Patch, Red Moustache, Beard and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bp0a.dat - Minifig Head with Grey Hair, Beard, Moustache, Angry Pattern
  3626cpm7.dat - Minifig Head with LOTR Darkbrown Beard, Stubble and Stern / Clenched Teeth 2-Sided Pattern
  3626cpm8.dat - Minifig Head with LOTR Smirking / Shouting 2-Sided Pattern
  3626bp43.dat - Minifig Head with Red Moustache, Beard and Messy Hair Pattern
  3626bpm0.dat - Minifig Head with Uruk-Hai Scowl and White Hand Pattern (Hollow Stud with Pierced Base)

99243.dat - Minifig Headdress Aztec Bird

  99243p01.dat - Minifig Headdress Aztec Bird with Eyes and Cheeks Pattern
  3815pm2.dat - Minifig Hips with LOTR Coat, Shirttails and Belt Pattern
  95054.dat - Minifig Knife with Flat Hilt End
  3817pm2.dat - Minifig Leg Left with LOTR Coat and Shirttails Pattern
  3816pm2.dat - Minifig Leg Right with LOTR Coat and Shirttails Pattern
  11233.dat - Minifig Mask Wolf
  11233p01.dat - Minifig Mask Wolf with Fangs, Scars and White Ears Pattern
  13789.dat - Minifig Police Helmet
  13789p01.dat - Minifig Police Helmet with Silver Badge Pattern
  13808.dat - Minifig Saxophone
  13808p01.dat - Minifig Saxophone with Black Mouthpiece
  98367.dat - Minifig Shield Rectangular Curved with Stud
  75902p03.dat - Minifig Shield Round Bowed with Gold Eagle Pattern
  91884.dat - Minifig Shield Round Type 2
  91884p04.dat - Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Aztec Bird on Dark Red Pattern
  91884p01.dat - Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Dark Brown Ring and 4 Rivets Pattern
  91884p03.dat - Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Dragon Heads and Ornaments Pattern
  91884p02.dat - Minifig Shield Round Type 2 with Silver Rivets Pattern
  3900p01.dat - Minifig Signal Holder with Black "POLICE" and Red Line Pattern
  95051.dat - Minifig Small Bow with Arrow

95050.dat - Minifig Staff with Crescent End

  95049.dat - Minifig Staff with Spherical End

95053.dat - Minifig Sword Small with Angular Guard

  10053.dat - Minifig Sword Small with Curved Blade
  13790.dat - Minifig Weapon Billy Club
  88001.dat - Minifig Weapon Club with Spikes

13793.dat - Minifig Welding Gas Torch with Hose and Gas Cylinder Top

  973paw.dat - Minifig Torso with Armor Vest, Silver Wolf Head and Blue Round Jewel Pattern
  973pbm.dat - Minifig Torso with Black Half Pattern
  973p8i.dat - Minifig Torso with Construction Safety Vest with Reflective Stripes Pattern
  973p88.dat - Minifig Torso with Dress, White Apron and Red Beads Necklace
  973pm9.dat - Minifig Torso with LOTR Cloak with Dark Bluish Grey Folds Pattern
  973pm7.dat - Minifig Torso with LOTR Coat, Dark Bluish Grey Shirt, Evenstar Pendant and Belt Pattern
  973pm8.dat - Minifig Torso with LOTR Jacket and Yellow Vest Pattern
  973pm6.dat - Minifig Torso with LOTR Scale Armor and Belt Pattern
  973pcbf.dat - Minifig Torso with Police Jacket, Silver Badge, 4 Buttons and Belt Pattern
  973prh.dat - Minifig Torso with SW Nute Gunray Pattern
  973p87.dat - Minifig Torso with Shirt, Pink/Salmon Tie and ID Badge
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