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  12. You may abort the installation at any time by selecting the Cancel.  
  13. The installer will roll back and delete all files which may have been installed up to this stage if you confirm this dialog.  
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  14. Once all the part files have been installed the setup program will automatically start mklist.exe. This is an utility that creates the list of available parts. This list (Parts.lst) is used by MLCad and by several other third-party utilities. You should re-run MKList after installing new parts updates, or you may run it at any other time to change the sort order of your list of parts. In the unlikely event the installer failed to run this parts list compiler you have to run it manually. Navigate to the LDraw folder launch mklist.exe and choose to create the list sorted [N]umerically or by [D]escription. Most people use Description sorting and enter a D or d in the pop-up dialogue, but you can change to whichever order you prefer at any time by re-running mklist.exe.  
  15. Click the Finish button to exit setup. Brick 1x3
  16. At this stage your LDraw folder should contain the above files and subdirectories:  
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\MODELS\ Directory where your model .dat files are stored. There are two sample model .dat files installed for you to look at - Car.dat and Pyramid.dat.
\P\ Directory where parts primitives are located. Parts primitives are typically highly reusable components used by the part files in the LDraw library.
\P\48\ Directory where high resolution parts primitives are located. These are typically used for large curved parts where excessive scaling of the regular curved primitives would produce an undesirable result.
\PARTS\ This directory holds all the actual parts that can be used in creating or rendering your models. A list of these parts can be seen by viewing the parts.lst file in a text editor.
\PARTS\S\ This directory holds sub-parts that are used by the LDraw parts to optimise file size and improve parts development efficiency.
mklist.exe Utility that creates a list of available parts. Read above for more details.
mklist-c.zip Zip archive of the MKList source code.
PARTS.LST Your listing of all usable parts available. This list is created by running MKList.exe and choosing to create the list sorted [N]umerically or by [D]escription. Read above for more details. The content can be viewed in a text editor.
ldconfig.ldr Configuration file specifying the properties of LDraw colours.
ldcfgalt.ldr Alternative configuration file specifying the properties of LDraw colours with LDraw-style edges.
CAlicense.txt Legal Code (the full license) for the LDraw Parts Library licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution Licence 2.0 as specified by the LDraw Contributor Agreement (CA).
CAreadme.txt README file with human-readable expression of some key terms to understand the Legal Code (the full license) for the LDraw Parts Library licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution Licence 2.0 as specified by the LDraw Contributor Agreement (CA).
Readme.txt Short README file explaining what files and subdirectories are present in your LDraw installation, describing the LDraw library structure and listing links to some sites on the internet where you can find help and further information.
unins000.exe Uninstaller to remove the LDraw Parts Library with all his files.
unins000.dat Setup uninstall log file created during setup needed by the uninstaller utiliy.
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Installing MLCad

  You are now ready to install MLCad, the actual editor, to build models and output pictures as well as building instructions and parts lists.  
  17. Unpack the content of MLCad_V3.50.zip into the C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\MLCad folder and launch the MLCAD.exe program (consider creating program shortcuts in the Start Menu folder as well as Desktop and Quick Launch icons).  
  18. Before MLCad's standard interface will pop up you have to define the path to the LDraw Parts Library if the program cannot find the path to the \Parts\ and \P\ directories itself. This has to be done only once. MLCad will store the location in its registry. EnterC:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw into the Base path: box or browse for it.  
  19. Confirm your choice with OK after the Status: field has changed to OK!
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