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  23. If you're fine with your choices click on the Next > button to start copying files or - in case a previous installation has been found - with the de-installation of the old version. Otherwise click on the < Back button to revise some or all of your settings.  
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  24. Try resisting to Cancel the copying of the files!!! The AIOI will delete all files already copied but there is no guarantee that all changes to your computer can be reversed in case the installation process hasn't been completed.  
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  25. Click on the Finish button to exit the LDraw All-In-One-Installer.

Congratulation! Your LDraw System Of Tools should now be properly set up. If MLCad was your editor choice check out this tutorial. In case you've opted for LeoCAD you might look into this tutorial as starting point: http://www.leocad.org/trac/wiki/BasicTutorial
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Here's a list of what the AIOI does in detail:


  • The 20xx-0x version number in the .exe file's title refers to the version number of the LDraw Parts Library contained.
  • The AIOI currently “speaks” English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or French and automatically detects the user's system's language to display messages and screens in that language.
  • Uninstalls an older version of the AIOI on request.
  • Presents you with all the different licenses needed.
  • By default the AIOI installs the LDraw Parts Library with all licenses and color files.
  • Creates a model folder in the user's documents folder.
  • Creates a folder called “Web Links” containing links to the programs which are part of the AIOI.
  • Shortcuts to the web links will also be added to the Start menu.
  • Asked for the folder name in your Windows Start menu and gives you freedom if you want to create shortcuts just for you or for all users.
  • If desired it will create shortcuts on the Desktop for the chosen programs.
  • It will run the POV-Ray installer in case you have chosen to install also POV-Ray.
  • It will set a Windows System Variable for the LDRAWDIR accordingly to the directory you have installed the parts library and the programs.


  • If you have installed MLCad the LDraw base path and the user name you have typed in will be written to the registry.
  • If you're running a German, Italian or French OS MLCad will be registered to those language files. For all other OS it will register the default English GUI. (More language can be added in a second time).
  • According to the language file a link to tutorials at www.holly-wood.it will be added too.


  • If you have installed LeoCAD the path to the model folder and the user name you have typed in will be written to the registry.


  • LSynth Constraint Parts are installed in the <LDRAWDIR>\Unofficial\LSynth folder.
  • A MLCad.grp file with an LSynth category in the Parts tree gets copied to the MLCad folder.
  • The path to the constraints is added to the MLCad.ini file.
  • The absolute path to the LSynth bin folder is added to the MLCad.ini file based on the directory chosen in the AIOI.
  • English, German or Italian links to the tutorials at www.holly-wood.it are added to the “Web Links” folder depending on the language of the OS.


  • The LDraw base path is set in the registry.
  • If the Preference Sets have been selected settings for “Fast” and “Quality” viewing will be added to LDView.
  • If LGEO and LDView have been selected to be installed the LGEO.xml path is also set in the registry.
  • .ldr and .mpd are registered to LDView.
  • Registers LDView as thumbnail generator in your Windows Explorer in case the user has opted for it.


  • The LDraw base path is set in the registry.
  • The paths to LDView and LDGlite are set if one or both packages have been installed.
  • If both viewers have been installed LDView will be set as preferred viewer.

Sticker Generator

  • Installs a copy of the comdlg32.ocx file in the system folder (..\system32 or ..\sysWOW64) and registers it if the file is missing.


  • AIOI looks for the POV-Ray.ini file and if found it adds the \lg and \ar paths as POV-Ray library paths.
  • Looks also for the Pvengine.ini file and if found adds the LGEO paths to the permitted input paths in order to avoid I/O restrictions warnings in POV-Ray.
  • Creates backups for both files prior any modification.

SR3D Builder

  • The LDraw base path is set in the registry.
  • Creates a folder named TParts in the LDraw root directory.


  • Deletes all registry paths for MLCad, LDView, LeoCAD and LPub.
  • Unregisters .ldr and .mpd.
  • Unregisters LDView as thumbnail generator.
  • Uninstalls all shortcuts created in the Start menu and the Desktop.
  • If folders haven't been erased by the installer itself the leftover content in the LDraw root folder will be deleted at the shut-down of the installer.
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